Friday, September 28, 2018

The Epic Tale of Destiny

Once upon a time, the SCC library housed a magical piece of furniture called a “card catalog”. Filled with hundreds and hundreds of index size cards, anyone could open a drawer, peak inside, and be led to an epic adventure, a heartfelt story, the Mongols, and the president of the United States among many other things. These cards were connections to every book the library owned.
As time passed, this “card catalog” underwent a metamorphosis, losing its paper version and converting itself into a digital “OPAC” system. No one knew what “OPAC” stood for though many tried to determine its origin. “OPAC” allowed library citizens to find the books using a new-fangled invention called a computer. Sadly this could only be done in the confines of the library.
Fortunately change was coming. Just eight short years ago, “OPAC” once again went through a transformation into its current iteration – Destiny.
Destiny allows all library citizens to access library materials, both physical and those that live in the digital world, from any internet connected device. This is an epic and mighty tool to spread knowledge and learning throughout our land.
But even now, Destiny grows and changes. As of the telling of this story there are two variations of Destiny. Both variations allow citizens to search all library resources, though each has its own unique flavor in how it accomplishes such a task.
  • Destiny Classic – The regular library search that our library leader, Ms. Olson, most often uses and expounds the virtues of. This doesn’t look fancy, but has many tools to narrow searching when on a book quest.
  • Destiny Discover – This is an ever changing student and staff interface to search our library.  All of our digital resources such as ebooks and digital audiobooks can be accessed here. Though all resources can be searched for if required. On handheld internet devices (fancy things such as phones and tablets) Destiny Discover allows digital content to be downloaded and read off-line, a mighty tool when in the wilderness or a big yellow bus on the road.
Thus our tale comes to an end, at least for now. We leave library land to the citizens of SCC as they use all the variations of Destiny to access thousands upon thousands of wonderful stories and a plethora of knowledge to lead them through life.
If you seek further assistance in accessing the magical Destiny, please stop by the library or contact our library leader, Ms. Olson at her digital address aolson[@]
We wish you a good day and remind you to DFTBA.

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