Friday, March 22, 2019

Who got the $50? And how can I win it next?

OMG! I’m so proud of the students and staff at SCC Middle School! Everyone really took on the One School One AUTHOR program with a vengeance 2nd trimester. There were dozens of students and teachers who read one of Laurel Snyder's books in preparation for her visit April 16th.

So without further ado, it’s time to announce the random winners for 2nd trimester chosen from those who wrote a review: Congratulations to Triton Hovis, Ellie Smith, Emery Sanders, and Kaitlyn Peissig! They will each received a Visa gift card for $50. You are awesome! But really we all got read some amazing books, so we are all winners!

For 3rd trimester, back to One School One Book, but with tiny twist. To cater more to reading/interest levels we are doing one book for 5th and 6th grades and a different book for 7th and 8th grades.  5th and 6th grade students will read Lost in the Backyard by Alison Hughes, while 7th and 8th grade students will read Ashes by Ilsa Bick. Any student who writes a review for their book in Destiny Discover will be entered into the prize drawing.

Lost in the Backyard by Alison Hughes -- Pick for 5th and 6th grade
The rest of his family may enjoy camping and living off the land, but not Flynn. He would rather text his friends about sports and shoot hoops than waste time in his Outdoor Education class. While visiting his parents' friends at their off-the-grid house, Flynn gets angry and stalks away, only to quickly become lost as the backyard leads into the woods. He falls down an embankment into a ravine and ends up knee-high in a frigid stream. Poorly dressed for the weather and armed only with a dead cell phone and what he can remember from Outdoor Education and his parents' favorite survival stories, Flynn must figure out a way to survive injuries and sub-zero temperatures until he can be rescued.

Ashes by Ilsa Bick -- Pick for 7th and 8th grade
Seventeen-year-old Alex is alone on a Michigan mountainside when electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) released into the atmosphere above Earth shut down power and communications grids, trigger nuclear devices, and turn most adolescents into flesh-eating zombies. She eventually finds herself safe-or so she thinks-in Rule, where a council of church elders holds sway. But Rule is a town of factions and unease, and what Alex discovers about its undercurrents may kill her.

If you have any questions, please just let me know!
~ Ms. Olson ~

Friday, March 8, 2019

What would you like?

The school library is YOUR library! What would you like to have available for checkout?

Is there a great book series or author that we are missing? Do you want to learn more about something with a nonfiction book? Is there equipment that we need available for checkout and use within the library?

Fill out the form below to make a suggestion!

Elementary Form
Middle School Form
High School Form
** Forms are also linked on each library's "Read" page.

Thanks for helping to make our school library awesome!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Dino-mite Book Fair

The elementary book fair is upon us with a dino-mite theme! Students have been hearing about the great books that are for sale on the book fair as well as coloring and turning in a special dinosaur coloring sheet.

We are so excited to have this sensational opportunity for students to pick out their own books, to put more books in kids hands through contests, and to support reading in our school by purchasing books for classrooms and our building library.

There is lots of opportunities to shop, and you can find all of that information by visiting .

If you want the quick low-down on our book fair where we will take a BITE out of reading, here you go:
Online book fair open Feb 10-25
Book fair set up at school Feb 19-21 with shopping during the school day
Open during conference nights on Feb 19 and 21 from 3:30-7 pm

Thank you so much for all your support in the past, right now, and into the future. We love reading and love sharing books with kids!

Friday, February 8, 2019

10 Youtube Channels to Learn Something New

Here are a few YouTube channels I think are great if you want to learn something new. You can find lots more by visiting the “channel” sections on the SCC YouTube channel.
Caution!: Not all of these videos have been screened for content. Be aware that some videos may be inappropriate for students.
Healthcare Triage is a series about healthcare hosted by Dr. Aaron Carroll who explains healthcare policy, medical research, and answers a lot of other questions you may have about medicine, health, and healthcare.
Popular videos include: Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, The Healthcare System of the United States, The Milk-Industrial Complex, The Harms of Marijuana
#9 – The Art Assignment - link is to website which has more resources
The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green. We explore art and art history through the lens of things happening today.
Popular videos include: Behind the Banksy Stunt, I Could Do That, Art You Can’t Get To
Every Frame a Painting was a series of video essays about film form. They are no longer updating the channel.
Popular videos include: Jackie Chan: How to do action comedy; The Marvel Symphonic Universe; Edgar Wright: How to do visual comedy
#7 – VsauceVsauce2Vsauce 3
Our World is amazing.
Popular videos include: What if everyone JUMPED at once?, Is Earth actually flat?, Travel inside a black hole
#6 – How to Adult
We're an edutainment channel dedicated to teaching everything you need to know as an adult that school never taught you. They are no longer updating the channel.
Popular videos include: How to do laundry, How to do your taxes EXPLAINED, 9 essential job interview tips
Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.
Popular videos include: Addiction; The Fermi Paradox; Three ways to destroy the universe
Simply put: cool physics and other sweet science.
Popular videos include: Immovable object vs unstoppable force; Is it better to walk or run in the rain; How to see without glasses
#3 – Vox
Vox helps you cut through the noise and understand what's driving events in the headlines and in our lives.
Popular videos include: Here’s what happens to your knuckles when you crack them; Syria’s war: who is fighting and why; How fan films shaped the Lego Movie
#2 – SciShow
SciShow explores the unexpected. Seven days a week, Hank Green, Michael Aranda, and Olivia Gordon delve into the scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us even more curious!
Most popular videos include: The deepest hole in the world; 5 of the world’s most dangerous chemicals; The truth about gingers
#1 – Crash Course
Tons of awesome courses in one awesome channel! Check out the playlists for past courses in physics, philosophy, games, economics, U.S. government and politics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, biology, literature, ecology, chemistry, psychology, and U.S. history.
Popular videos include: The agricultural revolution; World War II; Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Friday, February 1, 2019

Information & Ignorance

“Information and ignorance are like light and darkness... When light comes into your room, darkness must fly away. When information rules your mind, ignorance finds its way out!” ~ unknown

Step into the light of information by learning something new, gaining a new perspective, or diving deeper into a topic by visiting PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next!

These two databases, purchased by the SCC libraries, feature articles about animals, science, biographies, and social students, with many images, videos, and even games in order to gain a firm understanding of whatever the topic is.

While search engines (like Google) are great, we want to ground ourselves in double-checked facts and figures. When you’re doing research for school, we really want you to have reliable facts, so getting them from a database instead of a random website is always preferable. Databases like PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next can help with that.

PebbleGo is focused on students in grades K-4 while PebbleGo Next supports older students.

You can access PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next by using these links or the links on the library’s “Find” page, and then use the login with the username and password. If you need the login information please stop by the library or send me an email.

If you have any questions or concern, please let me know!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Greetings from CultureGrams

If you've ever traveled, you know how important it is to be familiar with the culture of an unfamiliar place. It can be hard to find accurate information without being overwhelmed. And it can also just be fun to find out about the  lives of people's outside of our small corner of Wisconsin.

Luckily, the library has a resource for you!

SCC has a subscription to the wonderful online database CultureGrams. Their mission is to "foster understanding and appreciation of the world's countries and peoples" If you're worried about having a western attitude embedded in the country reports, don't.  Each report is written by a native or long-term resident of the country, in coordination with a CultureGrams editor. They are also updated frequently.

There are four sections to CultureGrams:
  1. World Edition - Over 200 country reports aimed at grades 6-12
  2. Kids Edition - Over 160 country reports aimed at grades 2-6
  3. States Edition - Reports on the 50 states plus DC, aimed at grades 3-12
  4. Provinces Edition  - Reports on the 13 Canadian provinces, aimed at grades 3-12
Beyond reports there are pictures, videos, recipes, data sorting tools, and much more! Check out this 4 minute demo video to get a closer look.

  • At school, you should not need a login. Just use the link above or the one on the library page.
  • At home, use the link above or on the library page, and then use the login information you can get from any library or by emailing me.
If you have any questions, please just let me know!

Monday, January 21, 2019

What do I do with the rest of my life?

This question bubbles in the minds of students for years before they graduate. Always percolating, it pervades much of what we do at school due to the fact that a school's main mission is to prepare students for any future endeavors.
To facilitate career exploration before registering for freshman year, the 8th grade language arts classes dive into one specific career, researching all the different aspects related to it. This year the class of 2023 had many varying and interesting careers to research, including:

  • dermatologist (six students researched this!)
  • film crew / camera person
  • machinist
  • various careers in the armed services
  • mental health professional
  • industrial engineer
  • lawyer (seven students research this!
These are just a handful of the careers the class of 2023 is currently contemplating. But wow! I'm already impressed with their ambition!

Now, researching a career can be a scary thing. Researching anything can be scary because there are so many pieces to the research puzzle. Luckily as a library media specialist I was able to co-teach this unit to ensure that students mastered using an inquiry based process (in this case the Big 6), using search strategies to be effective and efficient in their fact gathering, and the ability to give credit to creators by creating correct citations. A lot of detailed work, but the 8th grade stepped up the challenge!

So while the question of "what do I do with the rest of my life" is still a big one, for theses students hopefully they have a better understanding of what one of their options is and what they can do to prepare for their career goal.

Below is some of the amazing work these students did!
Students used some great resources to gather facts about their career, including books, Career Cruising, and the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

We went a bit old-school by using a paper graphic organizer instead of an online application simply to be more efficient in our time management.

Students found some great information n 6 different categories for their jobs: description, education, licensing, pros-cons, skills-traits, outlook. They also created MLA citations for each citation they used.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Reading Challenges for 2019

It's a new year, but really that doesn't matter when you're thinking about reading challenges. Every one of us could us a push at some point during the year to start reading, keep reading, or find a new enjoyment in reading. Reading challenges are a great way to commit to reading more or reading differently, plus as a bonus you can complete a reading challenge on your own, with a friend, or with people across the globe!

To get you motivated to read more and/or read differently this year or any year, here are a few reading challenges you should check out.

Popsugar's 2019 Reading Challenge
40 + 10 book prompts if you want to spice up what you are reading!

50 DIY Reading Challenges
This is a great list if you want to customize your reading challenge. It could be something you take the year to do but maybe it's a goal just for this month.

Reading Challenges for Kids
Brightly puts out a new set of challenges every month specifically for kids. A great way to get the whole family involved in reading!

52 books in 52 weeks
You'll have to do a little catch up to get this one done if you start today, but just committing to reading more books this year will help you increase your reading stamina, your view of the world, and help you figure out what you like to read.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Can you carry around 4,000 books in your pocket?

Yes, you can!

With Destiny Discover staff and students of SCC have access to over 4,000 ebooks and digital audiobooks on any internet connected device such as a phone, tablet, Chromebook, laptop, game console, or smart TV.

We’ve got picture books, fiction books of every genre, non-fiction books, and even some graphic novels. Read an ebook with your eyes or listen to a digital audiobook with your ears. But just be reading and encourage our students to keep reading too!

Why read 20 minutes at home?
10 Benefits of Reading

And if you’re wondering where those over 4,000 books are located …

Middle School
High School
Digital Audiobooks
Staff and students can always login to the building’s Destiny Discover by using your individual login. But if you would like to check out another building’s collection please use the guest account, which you can get by stopping by the library or emailing me.

You can get to Destiny Discover by:
  1. Using the link on the library webpage for your building
  2. Using the Destiny Discover extension on your Chromebook
  3. Visiting and searching for “st. croix central”
If you have any questions at all please stop by the library or email Ms. Olson. Happy reading!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Short Story Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the annual NaNoWriMo Short Story Contest! Every November, the library runs a short story contest as a small part of National Novel Writing Month. This year we got some very creative entries. After much deliberation the winners are Griffin, Jeremiah, and Emily who all submitted well-crafted, engaging stories. We are very proud of all the students that entered. You can read all the stories by visiting: