Friday, May 12, 2017

Newscasters in the Library

Ms. Langman's 7th grade language arts classes have been having fun this week creating newscasts. After forming groups students researched and found news stories, sports highlights, and weather reports. Then they assigned roles and wrote scripts as anchors, sports reporters, and weather forecasters. 
Two 7th grade students using the green screen area.

The most exciting part (for students and for Ms. Langman) was that they utilized the libraries green screen area to film their scripts. Equipped with an iPad, lavaliere microphones, and the green screen itself, Ms. Langman recorded students presenting their newscasts. the iPad is loaded with green screen apps that allow students to change backgrounds and have over-the-shoulder insets during their newscast.

The students really enjoyed this project and it's great to see learning and creativity in the library! More than books, magazines, and newspapers, the library should be (and hopefully will become better at begin) a place for students to innovate, create, and collaborate to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Two 7th grade students using the green screen area.

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