Monday, May 22, 2017

Books of the Week, May 22

Elementary - Jazz Age Josephine by Jonah Winter and illustrated by Marjorie Priceman
A tribute to the life of the iconic jazz entertainer Josephine Baker, depicts her disadvantaged youth in a segregated America, her unique performance talents and the irrepressible sense of style that helped her overcome racial barriers
921 BAK @ the library

Middle School - Jazz by Christopher Handyside
Chronicles the origin and development of the American jazz movement describing the instruments, sounds, and techniques that characterize jazz music; as well as profiles of jazz legends including Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and John Coltrane.
781.65 HAN @ the Library

High School - Jazz: A History of America's Music based on a documentary film by Ken Burns and written by Geoffrey C. Ward
Traces the history of jazz music from its origins in New Orleans through the twentieth century, and looks at the lives and contributions of some of the genre's greatest composers and performers.
781.65 WAR @ the Library

Monday, May 15, 2017

Books of the Week, May 15

Elementary - Werewolves Don't Run for President by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones
Melody, Liza, Howie, and Eddie are not exactly overjoyed at the prospect of Mr. Youngblood, whom they believe is actually a werewolf, running for President of the United States, especially when he is campaigning for longer school days.
FIC DAD @ the library

Middle School - Midnight Howl by Clare Hutton
Marisol, staying with her mother on the Montana ranch of family friends, is looking forward to making friends with twelve-year-old twins Jack and Hailey, but while Jack is welcoming, Hailey is cold, and after learning about wolves in town, Marisol begins to wonder if Hailey could be a werewolf.
FIC POI @ the Library

High School - Tantalize 1 : Kieren's Story by Cynthia Leitich Smith; illustrated by Ming Doyle
Werewolf-in-training Kieren is torn between joining an urban wolf pack and staying to protect his human best friend--and love interest--Quincie, whose restaurant is in danger of morphing into a vampire lair.
GN SMI @ the Library

Friday, May 12, 2017

Newscasters in the Library

Ms. Langman's 7th grade language arts classes have been having fun this week creating newscasts. After forming groups students researched and found news stories, sports highlights, and weather reports. Then they assigned roles and wrote scripts as anchors, sports reporters, and weather forecasters. 
Two 7th grade students using the green screen area.

The most exciting part (for students and for Ms. Langman) was that they utilized the libraries green screen area to film their scripts. Equipped with an iPad, lavaliere microphones, and the green screen itself, Ms. Langman recorded students presenting their newscasts. the iPad is loaded with green screen apps that allow students to change backgrounds and have over-the-shoulder insets during their newscast.

The students really enjoyed this project and it's great to see learning and creativity in the library! More than books, magazines, and newspapers, the library should be (and hopefully will become better at begin) a place for students to innovate, create, and collaborate to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Two 7th grade students using the green screen area.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Books of the Week, May 8

Elementary -  Mrs. Cooney Is Loony! by Dan Gutman; pictures by Jim Paillot
Mrs. Cooney, the school nurse, is so beautiful that A.J. has a crush on her-even though he suspects she might be an international spy!
FIC GUT @ the library

Middle School - Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith; illustrations by Scott Garrett
When they discover that someone is spying on their Uncle Newt, whiz kids Nick and Tesla build a variety of outrageous gadgets designed to expose who is responsible.
FIC PFL @ the Library

High School - Blowing My Cover: My Life As A Cia Spy by Lindsay Moran
A former CIA case officer describes the idealistic ambitions that motivated her Harvard education and efforts to gain acceptance into the CIA before her life as a spy proved to be not only less glamorous than expected, but unsettlingly unprincipled and haphazard, in a humorous personal memoir that recounts the author's witness to tragic intelligence failures.
327.1273 MOR @ the Library

Friday, May 5, 2017

Final Book Fair of 2016-17!

The final book fair at SCC for 2016-17 will be held at the middle school!
Our Scholastic Book Fair is a reading event that brings the books kids want to read to our school. It’s a wonderful selection of engaging and affordable books for every reading level. Please make plans to visit our Book Fair and be involved in shaping your child’s reading habits.

Student Shopping -- Students can shop the fair at school from 7:45 am-3:15 pm on May 10-12.

Family Shopping -- Families can shop the fair at school on May 11 from 3:15-7:00 pm and May 12 from 3:15-7:30 pm (tentative).

Online Shopping -- Shopping online is a wonderful alternative for families who can't make it to school or who would like to shop a wider selection of books. You can shop online at from May 4-16. You will need to create a Scholastic account if you don't already have one, but all purchases are shipped to the school for free.

We are offering a few contests for students to participate in and possibly win a prize from the book fair.
  1. Locker lottery -- All students are automatically entered in this and students are randomly drawn and win a book
  2. Coloring contest -- Interested students can pick up a coloring sheet and return it by May 10 for a chance to win a book
  3. Online sale incentive -- Students who shop online will be entered in a drawing to win a free poster

Book Fair Preview Video

If you have any questions, please direct them to our library media specialist, Amanda Olson. DFTBA and Happy Reading!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Books of the Week, May 1

Celebrate Star Wars day on May the 4th!

Elementary - Star Wars Cook Book: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes by Robin Davis and photography by Frankie Frankeny
An intergalactic cookbook lets children as well as adults whip up a meal fit for a Jedi Knight and includes hilarious photos, Star Wars stickers, and recipes for Crazy Cantina Chili, Boba Fett-Uccine, C-3PO Pancakes, and much more.
641.5 DAV @ the library

Middle School - The Princess, The Scoundrel, and The Farm Boy by Alexandra Bracken
Although the Rebel Alliance has won a few battles against the Empire, hope is fading. The Empire is about to unveil the greatest weapon the galaxy has ever seen--the Death Star. The Rebels' only chance to defeat it now lies in the unlikely hands of a princess, a scoundrel, and a farm boy....
FIC STA @ the Library

High School - William Shakespeare's the Phantom of Menace: Star Wars Part the First by Ian Doescher
Join us, good gentles, for a merry reimagining of Star Wars: Episode I as only Shakespeare could have written it. The entire saga starts here, with a thrilling tale featuring a disguised queen, a young hero, and two fearless knights facing a hidden, vengeful enemy. 'Tis a true Shakespearean drama, filled with sword fights, soliloquies, and doomed romance... all in glorious iambic pentameter and coupled with twenty gorgeous Elizabethan illustrations. Hold onto your mini-chlorians: The play's the thing, wherein you'll catch the rise of Anakin!
FIC STA @ the Library