Monday, January 16, 2017

Books of the Week, Jan 16

Elementary - Buffalo Are Back by Jean Craighead George ; paintings by Wendell Minor
An illustrated story of the comeback of the buffalo from extinction in the United States, tracing their history in connection with cowboys, Teddy Roosevelt, and the Native Americans of the plains, and celebrates their resurgence as herds that roam the national parks.
599.64 GEO @ the library

Middle School - Great Plains : America's Lingering Wild by Michael Forsberg
Presents a pictorial history of the Great Plains region of the United States and Canada, describing how the natural landscape changed with the settling and modernization of the American prairie.
917.8 FOR @ the Library

High School - Planet Earth: Great Plains by BBC, Discovery Channel, and NHK
Trek to the Earth's largest land habitats, where vast open spaces play host to the biggest groups of animals in the world. Following the immense migrations of caribou across the Arctic tundra and wildebeest through the African savannah, the program details life on Earth?s varied plains: dodging predators, mating and raising young, and, in many grassland habitats, the constant search for water. A pride of hungry lions hunting elephants and a stealthy Arctic fox chasing snow geese reveal some of the boldest hunts on the planet, and battles between Mongolian wild donkeys for mates illustrate the harsh competition for resources, even in temperate climates.
DVD 550 PLA @ the Library

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