Friday, October 28, 2016

NoveList is Neat

One statement I hear in the library a lot is "I don't know what to read."  Students meander through the book shelves, picking up a book here or there, but mainly glossing over the hundreds of books in front of them. They are nervous about committing to a book and then having it not be good, which makes them feel like they've wasted their time. Some students have lots of fears and reservations when it comes to picking out books.

One way to combat that is to first have in mind a book that they know they already like. If they are crazy about Diary of a Wimpy Kid or can't get enough of Meg Cabot's books that's helpful to know. Sometimes I can make recommendations after they tell me that, based on what I know is in our library. But sometimes they stump me, like the kids who like House of Dark Shadows and want another scary book; that's totally not an area of expertise for me.

What I do in that case is point them to the database NoveList. This amazing site has hundreds of read-a-like suggestions based on real people's reviews and recommendations. There are reading lists built by real educators. Plus you can create a personal account to save searches and books in your own lists.

Through Badgerlink, SCC staff and students have access to two versions of this amazing database that offers read-a-like recommendations, reading lists, and reviews. NoveList K-8 is targeted towards younger students, while NoveList is the full database covering everything from picture books through adult novels.

It’s fun to click around and see what books you’ve read and what suggestions NoveList makes for you. It’s also fun to pick a genre and see all the new books you may never have heard of. This database can be super helpful for the student who is stuck in a reading rut.
Use the links in this post or the links on the library page as these will verify that you are a WI resident and automatically log you in. If you Google for “NoveList” it will ask you for a username/password which we don’t have!
Need help? – Watch one of these video tutorials – 

DFTBA and Happy Reading!

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