Monday, October 3, 2016

Books of the Week, Oct 3

As it is homecoming week at SCC, I though I would highlight some football books we have!

High School - League of Denial : The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru
Reveals how the NFL, over a period of nearly two decades, sought to cover up and deny mounting evidence of the connection between football and brain damage. This narrative moves between the NFL trenches, America's research labs and the boardrooms where the NFL went to war against science; it examines how the league used its power and resources to attack independent scientists and elevate its own flawed research.
796.332 FAI @ the Library.

Middle School - Football : How It Works by Agnieszka Biskup
Describes the science behind the sport of football, including offense, defense, special teams, and arenas.
796.332 BIS @ the school library.

Elementary - Everything Kids' Football Book : The All-Time Greats, Legendary Teams, and Today's Favorite Players-and Tips on Playing Like a Pro by Greg Jacobs
Examines the sport of football, including how to play organized tackle football, tips for offensive and defensive schemes, statistics, players, how to set up a fantasy footballleague, and more. Includes activities.
796.332 JAC @ the school library.

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