Monday, October 24, 2016

Books of the Week, Oct 24

Here are some funny graphic novels to kick off the week!

Elementary - When the Past is a Present (Amelia Rules! #4) by Jimmy Gownley
When her Aunt Tanner brings out a box of mementos, ten-year-old Amelia Louise McBride learns things about her family history that help her deal with such current issues as her first date and the deployment of a friend's father to Iraq.
GN GOW @ the school library.

Middle School - Hey! Order Up! (Neko Ramen #1) by Kenji Sonishi
Taishou, a former kitten model, runs away from home and eventually finds himself mentored by a ramen shop owner.
GN SON @ the school library.

High School - Mangaman by Barry Lyga
Ryoko, a character from the manga world, falls through a rip in pages into the real world, where he struggles to survive as an outsider in a typical American high school. Things like his chibi character, thought balloons, and motion lines make that difficult, especially after he meets and falls for Marissa Montaigne.
GN LYG @ the Library.

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