Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Flix with an I!

Flax - a plant cultivated in cooler climates for food and fiber
Flex - to bend a part of the body
Flox - a misspelling of Phlox, a character from Star Trek Enterprise
Flux - to melt or make fluid

Not with an A, E, O, or U. But FLIX with and I!

Flix - The root word of three different fantabulous databases available to SCCers. They include:
  1. BookFlix - The original Flix we know and love. Full of pairings of fiction and non-fiction texts for students to read, enjoy, and learn from.
  2. TrueFlix - Social studies and sciences books that have been expanded upon to include videos, activities, and project ideas.
  3. FreedomFlix - Explore the people, places, and events that shaped the world and the United States. Books include videos, discussion questions, and appropriate websites.
These three stupendous resources are available to staff and students using the links on the library page, and logins can be found on the login handout which you can stop by the library to pick up.

So don't have Flox flex or flux his flax, just check out a FLIX and learn something new!

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