Friday, September 2, 2016

10 Things You Can Find at the School Library

Here are some of the things that the libraries at St Croix Central have to offer.

  1. Paper Books - The combined collections between the three buildings tops 25,000 physical books. That's approximately 16 books per student.
  2. Ebooks - We also have a growing ebook collection available for students. Currently the elementary has 798, the middle school has 859, and the high school has 770. As we grow our 1:1 program this will increase to meet demand.
  3. Audiobooks - Not everyone likes to or has the time to read paper or ebooks, so audiobooks are an amazing alternative. SCC offers two types of audiobooks to students. For students in grades 5-12 we offer playaways, individual MP3 players loaded with a book, and currently have over 200. For all students we also offer digital audiobooks accessible via the same website that houses our ebooks. Similar to Audible, these can be listened to on any internet connected device through the website or app. We own 460 digital audiobooks.
  4. The Flix Databases - We offer three of the Flix databases from Scholastic: BookFlix, FreedomFlix, and TrueFlix. These offer students the ability to read and learn about a variety of topics.
  5. CultureGrams - If you've ever wondered how the rest of the world lives (especially Canada) this is the database for you.
  6. PebbleGo - Aimed at grades K-3, this database offers facts about people, animals, science, and social studies topics and includes text, video, sound, and even games.
  7. TumbleBooks - Another great website for elementary students to read and listen to books online.
  8. Magazines & Newspapers - Online news is good, but sometimes there's nothing like reading a great article in a magazine or seeing the pictures of school events in the newspaper.
  9. Videos - Supporting the teachers and students is our mission, and sometimes that involves buying educational videos and documentaries. We also have DVDs of books that have made into movies so students can compare and contrast which is better.
  10. Staff - One of the biggest resources we have are the staff that run the libraries. These wonderful individuals have amazing talents and knowledge that make everything else we offer better. I'm the library media specialist for the district, but couldn't run the libraries without the help of these amazing paraprofessionals: Connie Mueller (elementary), Jane Kerber (middle school), and Amy Hueg (high school). Thank you to them for doing everything you do for our staff and students!
These are just ten of the things we offer, but there are many more. If you have questions about any of them feel free to stop by the library or send an email to me at aolson[at]

Have a wonderful day and DFTBA!

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