Friday, May 13, 2016

When are library books due?

School ends in just a few short weeks and the SCC libraries would like to make every effort to get back all library items that were used this year. 

As a student, please look around your room, check your backpack, and please clean out your locker.

As a parent, please help your child look for any books that we have sent a notice about. You can also ask your 4th-12th grade student to login to Destiny to view what they have out. 

As a teacher, please double check your classroom as you wrap up the year and drop off any books, videos, or equipment you find with a library barcode.

If anyone has questions about what is checked out from any of the SCC libraries, you can email me at aolson[at]

So when does everything need to be returned?

Elementary - Wednesday, May 18
Middle School - Friday, May 20
High School - Tuesday, May 24

But what if you can't find an item? We know that sometimes things are misplaced; however, in order to maintain our collection so all our students can have access to materials, we ask that you pay for items that you cannot return. If your family faces financial hardship, please just let me know and we can work something out.

Thank you all so much for helping to keep our collection current and teaching our students responsibility. Have a wonderful day!

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