Friday, May 20, 2016

Just Because It's Summer...

Just because it's summer ... doesn't mean your brain stops working.

Just because it's summer ... doesn't mean you are still curious.

Just because it's summer ... doesn't mean you'll stop creating new things.

Just because it's summer ... doesn't mean that you stop growing and changing.

Just because it's summer ... doesn't mean the school library is closed and can't help you will all those things!

There are tools available through the library website that can be used all summer long to grow, create, and learn. I try to curate tools that I find that can support students' growth in a fun and engaging way (and also hopefully for free!). If you ever have great resources or tools you find, please let me know and I can add them.

There are 2-4 main pages on all of the schools' library pages.

Find -- On this page of the library website you'll find links to paid SCC resources, Badgerlink resources, and free resources that can be used to learn about a plethora of topics. There may also be links to video and audio websites that become incredibly helpful when creating multimedia projects.

Read -- On this page, just like the name suggests, you will find links and information about all things literacy related. There is information about great new books, current events, and links to resources that support literacy. There is also a place to make suggestions of things that could be purchased for the library.

Learn -- While not the most exciting page on the library website, this page has information on projects I collaborate with teachers on. It also has information about the research process, copyright issues, and creating bibliographies.

Create -- This page contains a bunch of links to great fun tools that can be used to create something. They can be used to showcase new knowledge or to create something just for fun.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you don't have access to some really splendid school resources and tools. So even when school isn't a place you go to, check out the library website to find some online resources to keep your brain working.

SCC Elementary Library

SCC Middle School Library

SCC High School Library

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