Friday, March 4, 2016

Thank you Wisconsin!

It's not often we hear about a government program that has been around over 150 years. It's not often a program that's been around that long would still have the same goals in mind. However, we have a program here in Wisconsin that is just that.

The Common School Fund was established within the state constitution in 1848. This fund granted 1.5 million acres of WI land for educational purposes. According to the WI Department of Public Instruction website, "The vast majority of these lands were sold to create the principal for a permanent school fund, with the earnings to be exclusively used to support and maintain common schools (now known as K-12 public schools) and the purchase of suitable libraries and apparatus therefor. The Wisconsin Constitution also provided for growth of Common School Fund principal through the addition of clear proceeds of all fines, fees, and forfeitures, including unclaimed property." Each year, due to excellent management of these funds by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), these funds allow libraries across the state to purchase resources that otherwise would be fiscally out of reach.

Here at SCC, we are receiving  $58476 this year! These funds allow our school libraries to purchase online databases, expand the physical library collections, and grow our increasingly used ebook collection. Without these funds, we would have only a fraction of the budget to support our students' learning.

So a a very big THANK YOU to the BCPL and all the Wisconsin government officials who support the continued need for well-funded school libraries. 

Fore more information about the Common School Fund visit: 

You can see SCC's historical Common School Fund allotment HERE.

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