Monday, March 14, 2016

Books of the Week - Mar 14

Happy Pi Day!

Elementary - Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy NeuschwanderRadius, son of Sir Cumference, embarks on a quest to find the magic number known as pi in order to restore his father--who has been turned into a dragon--to his original shape.
Ebook on the FollettShelf

Middle School - Why pi? by Johnny BallA collection of activities that explore practical math applications from throughout history.
Ebook on the FollettShelf

High School - Math in Minutes: 200 Key Concepts Explained in an Instant by Paul GlendinningA visually-led introduction to two hundred mathematical ideas. Each concept is absorbed through a picture and a concise explanation. Concepts span such disciplines as numbers, geometry, algebra, and more.
510 GLE @ the Library

Find these and more math related books at your school library!

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