Thursday, February 25, 2016

You never have to go to the library again!

At SCC we have tons of great resources available without ever having to step foot in the library.
  1. Ebooks -- Read books on any device via your school's FollettShelf. There are hundreds of choices available at each building. Plus there are audiobooks on the FollettShelf as well.
  2. The Three Flix -- We subscribe to three different Scholastic Flix databases: BookFlix, TrueFlix, and FreedomFlix. The first is full of fiction and non-fiction pairs, while True and Freedom both of non-fiction books.
  3. PebbleGo -- Geared towards K-3 students, this database is chock full of great information about a variety of topics.
  4. CutltureGrams -- Taking a trip or just need to dream about somewhere warmer? Why not check out this database full of state and country information written by real citizens of those places.
  5. TumbleBooks -- Another reading site here, with great read-alongs that students can easily navigate by themselves.
  6. Encyclopedia Britannica -- This amazing Badgerlink resource is one of the premier encyclopedias available, featuring articles, pictures, videos, and links to other sites.
  7. Explora -- Another Badgerlink resource which allows users to search for magazine and newspaper articles about a topic. Great source for academic research.
  8. Badgerlink -- The home of dozens of great resources available exclusely to Wisconsin residents.
So the next time you are lamenting how far away the library seems or that your child needs something to read, remember that we have some great resources available without every stepping foot in our buildings.

Links for all the above resources can be found on any library page on the SCC website. You can get login information for all the above resources by stopping by the library or contacting me via email: aolson[@]

Read-to-self time after students checked out some amazing books from the library.

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