Monday, February 29, 2016

Books of the Week, Feb 29

Celebrate National Craft Month in March!

High School - Sneaky Green Uses for Everyday Things: How to Craft Eco-Garments and Sneaky Snack Kits, Create Green Cleaners, Remake Paper into Flying Toys, Assemble Alternative Energy Science Projects, and Construct a Robot Recycle Bin with Everyday Things by Cy TymonyContains instructions for more than forty ecology-friendly projects and demonstrations that use coins, paper clips, cereal boxes, and other everyday items.
363.72 TYM @ the Library

Middle School - Tape It and Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities by Rachela Fabian MorganProvides instructions for creating 101 craft projects using duct tape including housewares, fashion accessories, clothing, toys, and more.
745.57 MOR @ the Library

Elementary - Cool Odds and Ends Projects: Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Trash into Treasure by Pam ScheunemannGet crafty and help save the planet too! All projects feature common everyday items to reuse in a fun new way. From swirly CD art to game piece jewelry, kids will love making useful crafts and helping the environment.
745.5 SCH @ the Library

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