Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Award Party Held Jan 12

Every January, the American Library Association announces the newest book awards including the Newbery, Caldecott, Printz, and many others. Just like the Grammy's are a big deal in the music world, and the Academy Awards are the be-all in the film world, the ALA awards announcement is the highlight of every library and book lovers year. This year these awards were announced on Monday, January 11.

To create excitement about these awards amongst the middle school students, I hosted a book award party the afternoon of January 12. Students that participated heard about the amazing new award winning books, having the chance to peruse the books SCC already owned and add their name to hold lists for any of the books. They also played book award bingo, created book marks and black out poetry using discarded book pages, and had a great time overall.

You can see the list of award winning books by clicking here. And search your school's Destiny library catalog to check out or place a hold on any of the books.
Snacking while we watch book trailers about the new winners.

A Geisel honor book "SuperTruck" being read by the author.

Origami bookmarks!

Fun crafting during the event. 
Surprised from creating an SCC book award for a picture.

How do you fold this again?

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