Friday, December 18, 2015

SCC Writing Winners!

November was National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and while writing a full-length novel in high school is a little daunting, a shorty story is completely doable. To that end, the SCC High Library coordinated a short story contest through the month of November. Students could submit a short story about anything they liked, and at the end of the month the language arts teachers scored them. The winning stories were by Savannah Bodish, Trenton Smith, and Evan Tredal (not pictured) who each received a nano drone. Thank you to all students who entered; you did a great job on your stories!

You can read most of the stories by clicking the links below.

Savannah Bodish - Dead man Walking
Trenton Smith - Hope Will Find a Way (not available)
Evan Tredal - Star Wars: The Thrawn Campaign

Other Entries:
Jillian Tubeville - The Rocks
Jena Owens - My Father Will Hear About This
Mikaelyn Fry - District 13
Jessica Kinney - Saving Squirt
Ashlyn Mettler - Jelsa
Marianna Buckel - Adages (not available)
Samantha Flettre - Goodbye, Internet
Annika Zehm - Shattering the Ice (not available)
Collin Nelson - The Plausibility Concerning Delight
Gabrielle West - Young Love
Sandra Queen - I'm Number Four
Zac Bringgold - Lord of the Wands
Frank Cartuche - Vacation Trip
Brian Sheffler - Futurella
Lexi Roth - The Avacados

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