Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Reasons to Read More

We start learning to read as soon as we are born, and everyday we use this skill to navigate the world, keep ourselves safe and healthy, and entertain each other. But reading is one of those skills, like throwing a free throw, that gets better with use. So here are five reasons to read more.

Build Your Vocabulary - We love to show off to the people around us and having a large vocabulary to choose from allows us to one-up our friends. It's also a great way to praise someone in new and interesting ways (do away with "great job"!). Plus the insults you can come up with when you have a large vocabulary are stupendous. Beyond that you'll have a better way to describe problems in the world and try to solve them.

Improve Your Creativity - Creativity is a valuable commodity in our global economy. If you can think outside the box and develop new and interesting ideas, you are much more valuable to a company. Reading allows you to have exposure to varied perspectives, ideas, and stories. You can literally go anywhere and imagine anything in a book. Why not use that to boost your own creativity.

Reduce Stress - Sitting and enjoying a book, magazine article, or blog post allows your body time to rest. You will lower your heart rate and relax your muscles, even if it's only for 5 minutes. And don't we all need a little less stress in our lives?

Get Smarter - Not only are you improving your own creativity when you read, but you are also expanding what you know about the world around you. You can delve into how an electrical system works, how we discovered water on Mars, or how people face lifes challenges. You'll pick up random bits of facts that will make things later in life easier because you'll have prior knowledge to help you solve a problem.

Be Entertained  - The constant barrage of advertisement, negativity, and choice in TV or the internet can be overwhelming. It's hard to focus on one thing and dive deep into the story. Not so with a book. There's no pop-up ads distracting you, no negative comments feeding your anger or self-doubt, and nothing else trying to pull you away from what you're doing. It's just you and a book, where you can be entertained with a story of daring and sword fights, damsels or gentlemen in distress waiting to be rescued, or maybe just a explanation of how this darn thing we call life works and came to be.

Whatever your reason for reading and reading more, be sure to share the experience with friends and family. Reading aloud is not just an under-6 activity. Talking about an awesome book is not something that is strictly contained in a classroom. And being excited about a book, article, or author is not something that needs to be hidden in the dark. So read more. Read often. And DFTBA.

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