Friday, November 13, 2015


I was at CESA this week, meeting with other library media specialists from Western Wisconsin, and the one thing that we kept coming back to was the many hats we wear.

First and foremost, I wear the hat of a teacher. My job is to support students and help them grow into wonderful, amazing adults with all the tools they need academically, emotionally, and socially in order to succeed in whatever they do. 

Next, I wear that hat of instructional partner for other teachers. We can work together to integrate information literacy skills into whatever they are doing. If they are researching biomes, we can talk about picking the best website out of the million Google results or how to do the steps in the research process to make as little work for yourself as possible. If they are getting a book for reading class I can help them find something just right instead the first thing they pick up.

I also wear the hat of resources specialist. I can point you to great resources and find you information to support whatever it is you are doing. And don't think I'm just talking books. There are a ton of digital resources out there that we can harness for learning. I probably have so many I could tell you one a day for a whole school year!

Lastly I wear a program administrator hat. I don't just spend my days ordering books, recommending them, and reading for my own pleasure. I spend my days teaching and creating dynamic programs for students to participate in. This year alone we are doing Battle of the Books, One School One Book, a short story contest, and game nights, and it's only November! There are also more passive programs like Book of the Week, resource displays, and our web presence. My point is there should be tons of ways to interact with the library beyond checking out a book. Offering that possibility is one of my hats.

The many hats of a library media specialist means that I can support all the other learning that is going on in the school and all the hidden curriculum that we never talk about. So stop on by to see what's new and what unseen tip, trick, or resource I've got up my sleeve. 

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