Friday, September 4, 2015

One School One Book

Welcome back! I'm hoping you had a wonderful summer full of reading. But even if you didn't it's time to jump back in with both feet!

To promote fun reading and a community that talks about books, the middle school will be hosting a One School One Book program this year. Each quarter an ebook will be selected that all staff and students have access to and can read simultaneously. This ebook will be hosted on our FollettShelf and can be accessed on any internet capable device with a browser. With all staff and students having access to read this book, great conversations can happen around the selected title and about reading in general.

For first quarter staff and students will have the option to read the book Juice by Eric Walters. Summary: "When a new coach comes to their school, Michael and his teammates are convinced that steroids are the way to compete, but what they do not know is their coach's determination to obtain a college post rests on his ability to create a division one high school team." This is a short book (only 101 pages) and a fast-paced, really interesting read.

If students finish Juice during first quarter, they can stop by the library to complete a short activity about the book and get their name entered in a drawing to win a Strandbeest Kit. Sorry, staff are not eligible for the prize.

Middle School FollettShelf - Handout
This two-page handout goes over how to use the Follett ebooks and audiobooks. It contains reminders of how to get their and what the students use as their login information. Staff can contact me for their login information.

If you have questions about the One School One Book program, please contact me (email is the best)!

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