Friday, September 11, 2015

Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks Available K-12

I've been in several classrooms at the middle school the past few days talking with teachers and students about FollettShelf, which is the digital school library where our ebooks and digital audiobooks are housed. Students, especially those in 6-8th grade with Chromebooks, have been super excited about all the cool titles they can check out on their own devices.

Available on any device with a browser, each building has it's own unique FollettShelf available to students and staff members to use. You can see what's available at each building by clicking the links below.

For students at the elementary, we have everyone use a generic guest login, which can be obtained by stopping in the library or emailing me at aolson[at]

For students at the middle and high school, each student has their own login. Students should login to Destiny and then use the FollettShelf link available there to access the ebooks/audiobooks. Students at the middle and high schools have a Destiny username that is the same as their regular computer username (first initial+last name+last two digits of graduation year). Their Destiny password is just their school lunch number (NO LETTERS). 

While many books are available, there are always the holdouts in the publishing world who can't get with the ebook program (I'm looking at you J.K. Rowling). But if there is ever a book you don't see that you think we should have, please let me know and I can see if it is available for me to add. I'm always looking for suggestions!

Handout for middle (and high) school students about how to use Follett ebooks and audiobooks.

You can find how-to videos and information about the Apple and Android apps by visiting this page

As always, if you have any questions, you can always stop by your school library or send me an email! DFTBA

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