Monday, June 1, 2015

Books of the Week, June 1

Elementary - Lance Dragon Defends His Castle with Simple Machines by Eric Braun
When Lance Dragon's castle is invaded by barbarians, he defends it with actions using simple machines.
621.8 BRA @ the Library

Middle School - Making Things Move: DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists, and Artists by Dustyn Roberts
Step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and non-technical language explain how to build moving mechanisms that can be used in art, toys, or hobbies.
621.8 ROB @ the Library

High School - The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios
Presents an introduction to physics by exploring the forces and motion of action comic hereos, explaining basic rules of thermodynamics, energy, and solid state physics as it relates to real world experiences.
530 KAK @ the Library