Friday, May 8, 2015

Speak Up Helps guide Decisions at SCC

Last fall, I advertised that national Speak Up survey. The survey was open to students, teachers, and parents and asked questions related to digital tools, internet usage, and technology in schools. Our results were combined, and state and national reports are now out. Here are some trends that we are seeing across the nation that, along with our SCC results, are helping to guide our decision making.

  • When students have access to technology as part of their learning, especially school-provided or enabled technology, their use of the digital tools and resources is deeper and more sophisticated. -- This fits in with the Chromebook rollout that was approved at the SCC school board meeting on April 27.
  • Students connect the use of technology tools within learning to the development of college, career, and citizenship skills that will empower their future capabilities.
  • Students see the smartphone as the ideal device for communicating with teachers (46%) and classmates (72%) and for social media (64%).
  • A gender bias exists in STEM interest –middle school girls are 38% less likely and high school girls are 32% less likely than their male peers to say they are very interested in a STEM career. - AT SCC, with our focus on STEM labs and curriculum and the inclusion of a science special at the elementary, we hope to increase our students interest in STEM careers.

You can find the full report with the national Speak Up results here.

10 Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 Students' Digital Learning - PDF

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