Friday, May 22, 2015

How Libraries Can Keep You Out of Trouble

You just rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning with no plans on the horizon. No where to go. Nothing to do. Just endless time on your hands. And when left to on your own, this will probably result in you making a poor choice and getting in trouble, or you'll just spend the day being a lump as the world goes by.

Never fear! Your Library is here!

When you're stuck with nothing to do, a library is a great place to head to. There are tons of things to read, from paper books to digital books, from magazines to newspapers. And the people that work there are experts at giving you suggestions on things that might be fun or interesting.

Beyond books though, libraries are places to learn new things. Many libraries have maker-stations where you can build and create projects with various materials. They hold specific classes to learn new skills. And as always, they have books that will teach you how to do something amazing.

So the next time you are bored out of your mind with nothing to do, go out on a limb, take a chance, and experience the awesomeness of your local public or school library!

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