Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Books of the Week, Apr 21

Elementary -- Squeeze Play by Cal Ripken Jr.
Centerfielder Corey Maduro has to deal with the humiliation of having an overly involved and short-tempered father in the stands.
FIC RIP @ the Library

Middle -- Lost Boy by Tim Green
After a near-fatal car accident, twelve-year-old Ryder's mother needs an operation they cannot afford and while a new friend tries to raise funds, Ryder travels with a grouchy, disabled neighbor, from Yankee Stadium to Turner Field seeking the major league baseball player who might be Ryder's father.
FIC GRE @ the Library

High -- Pinstripe Pride: The Inside Story of the New York Yankees by Marty Appel
Describes how the New York Yankees got started with no ballpark of their own and grew to the billion dollar franchise of today at home in Yankee Stadium.
796.357 APP @ the Library

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