Friday, December 5, 2014

What does $15,000 buy?

Last winter on behalf of SCC, I applied for a grant. This grant provided money to school libraries that had suffered some sort of natural disaster or fire. We were lucky enough to be awarded $15,000.

But what does $15,000 buy you in an elementary library? Well here's what we got:
  • 465 non-fiction books
  • 192 lower level non-fiction books
  • 71 picture books
  • 101 kindergarten books
  • 122 fiction books
  • 28 graphic novels
These 979 books had a total cost of $14,986.70. This included the books and the library processing needed for the books (labels and computer record)

This brings our current elementary library collection up to 11,363 books, audiobooks, and videos. Which puts us about 700 items over our total collection at the time of the fire. Our collection is bigger, more current, and more tailored to our current needs.

The fire was tragic, but sometimes the glass is still half-full. DFTBA

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