Friday, November 7, 2014

The importance of listening

Listening. Such a simple word, but so hard to actually do. How often have you been talking to someone and uttered the question, "Are you listening to me"? Probably more often then you would like.

Is it a problem with our society, our teaching, our parenting, our students? In my opinion (and just my opinion) it's a problem with our society. We live in a world where the media screams at us every day. News reporters make everything into the "story of the century" and social media emphasizes the tragedies and sensationalism of celebrity and thoughtlessness. Wherever you turn someone is trying to get your attention by being as outlandish as possible.

So what do we do to stop and actually hear the things that are important?

Watch Julian Treasure's TED Talk to get some ideas on how to become a better listener.

And my own personal suggestion - be choosy about the things you are listening to. Do you have the TV on for background all the time? What channel is talking at you? Do you need the radio or some other noise playing at all times? If you are more selective about what sounds you surround yourself with, you're more likely to be more aware of what you are listening to.

Just me thoughts. What are yours?

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