Friday, October 3, 2014

October is Bullying Prevention Month

No matter what age, we have all experienced bullying. We may have been the person who was bullied, being called names or pushed around. We may have been a witness to bullying, as we walk down the hallway or check out social media. Or we may have been the the person who bullied, making an unthinking comment or being intentionally cruel. No matter what or role was, bullying is not okay.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, where we focus on how much bullying can impact an individuals personality and self-esteem. We also focus on other ways we can express ourselves without tearing others down.

Cyber bullying is a growing issue among children and teenagers today. Any technology device can be used to harass and put down others. From social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, to photo messaging sites like Snap Chat and Instagram, to instant (text) messaging and email, plus online gaming, there are hundreds of ways technology can be used to create and spread negative comments.

There are a few things we can do to prevent and deal with cyber bullying:
  1. Be aware of what your children or doing on ANY technology device (computer, phone, tablet, game console)
  2. As parents, establish some rules and guidelines about technology use: when can they use it, who can they talk to, what sorts of things should and shouldn't they be doing online.
  3. Students: Share your passwords with your parents. This will help you stay safe.
  4. TALK! Talk about what is going on online and how to make good choices about online behavior.
If you'd like more information about Anti-Bullying Month or cyber bullying, visit the links below.

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