Friday, October 10, 2014

Fiction vs Non-Fiction (Informational)

There has been lots of talk in the education world about teaching more non-fiction (informational) texts. But what is non-fiction (informational) text vs fiction texts? How would you explain it to students? I found this great graphic from "My Adventures Teaching Junior High English" that explains it all.

Now why is there the push to teach more non-fiction (informational) text? The Common Core Standards, which SCC has adopted, says that by 4th grade students should be reading about 50% and by 12th grade they should be reading 70% non-fiction (informational) texts during class to gain information and practice those strategies for reading factual texts.

Now you may have noticed that I have been using "non-fiction (informational)" during this whole post. That is the difference between English-language arts (ELA) world and Library Land. In ELA they say informational text. But in Library Land we use non-fiction. They are one and the same, unless you are getting super picky.

Hopefully that brought back some of your elementary library class lessons and shed some light on the current hot topic. DFTBA!

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