Friday, September 12, 2014

Update on Ebooks and Digital Audiobooks

Big changes have happened over the summer with our digital audiobooks. In previous years our digital audiobooks have been hosted through Catalist. Well, Catalist is no more. All our audiobooks have been moved over onto our FollettShelf, where our ebooks already are.

WOOT WOOT! Everything has been made easier!

There are two ways to access our ebooks or our digital audiobooks at any of the schools.

1.     Use a computer -- Using any computer (or device) with a browser (like Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc) you can access the FollettShelf through Destiny.

2.     Use the BryteWave app on your mobile device -- You can install the BryteWave app on any Android or Apple device to access the FollettShelf.
iTunes App Store                   Google Play Store

You can use the guest login or your personal Destiny login in order to access the FollettShelf and read the ebooks or listen to the digital audiobooks. Both logins are available at the library desk.

Help Videos!!! -- There are help videos on this page:

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