Monday, April 21, 2014

Common School Fund

Some in the community might be aware of a wonderful thing that happens in library land every spring in the state of Wisconsin. Every spring Wisconsin announces the Common School Fund (CSF) amounts and distributes this money to public school libraries statewide. SCC is a lucky district in that we are maintaining or increasing our student population most years. This means that the CSF amounts we receive each year are similar or growing also. So here in library land we get an unexpected chunk of money to spend in the spring!

This year the extra CSF money we received has been used to purchase over 500 books, nearly 200 ebooks, about 75 audio books, and approximately 50 videos. Plus we were able to purchase a cart of Chromebook computers for our elementary library classes to utilize to learning more online resource and research skills.

We in library land would like to say a big THANK YOU to the state of Wisconsin for continuing their amazing support of public school libraries. Without the Commons School Fund our public school libraries would become mere shells of what they could be.

For specific SCC amounts received each you can check out this spreadsheet or the DPI figures on this website.

Further Common School Fund Explanation From DPI

"The framers of Wisconsin’s Constitution were pioneers with the foresight to create a constitutionally protected form of public education financing. They established the Common School Fund to hold in trust the proceeds from the sale of millions of acres of land granted to Wisconsin by the federal government as well as the “clear proceeds” of fees, fines and forfeitures that accrued to the state. At that time, they also created the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands to manage the Fund. The Board consists of the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer and the Attorney General."

"The Common School Fund provides annual library aid support to all Wisconsin public school districts. The Fund is invested in state bonds, the State Investment Fund and in loans to municipalities and school districts through the State Trust Fund Loan Program. In April of each year, the Board forwards the available earnings of the Fund to DPI which then re-distributes the earnings as library aid to all K-12 public school districts in the state. The allocation which each school district receives is based upon the number of children aged 4 through 20 living in the district. The aid is sent to school districts by May 1 of each year. Each district must spend their total Library Aid allocation for appropriate library materials by June 30 of that same year. These materials include books, newspapers, periodicals, other media resources, and to a limited extent, computers."

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