Monday, February 24, 2014

Update on 5th Grade Library Class

Over half a school year has gone by, and though winter is still crushing our spirits, we have things to celebrate and achievements have been made. For my students in 5th grade library class, those achievements have been great.

For most of the fall we spent time in our class learning about the school provided Google accounts. Students who had never sent an email can now regularly use it correctly. (Though they are a little obsessed with the animated emoticons!) Students learned how to create documents in Google Drive instead of using Microsoft Word. And these documents were shared between people to turn in assignments and to collaborate. Overall the students have a good basic understanding of the parts of their Google accounts, which will support them throughout their middle and high school careers.

Simultaneously while learning about Google we also spent time discussing various internet safety topics. Bullying, security, and the fact that everything is out there forever were heavily featured. 

As first turned to second semester we started on research. Students in fifth grade have completed one research project already, based around a country of their choosing. We utilized the Big 6 research process to keep us organized, used a graphic organizer to take notes, and practiced our writing (and hand writing) skills by putting facts into a paragraph. 

Next up, will be sports research. Students will be using a digital packet in Google Drive to complete research on a sport. We will be introducing a great online resource, the Encyclopedia Britannica, which is available to all Wisconsin residents for free through Badgerlink.

So that's a quick update on our 5th grade library classes. To see more complete descriptions of activities and weekly lessons you can visit the 5th Grade Library page

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