Friday, February 14, 2014

Info Tech Literacy Focus #3

There is no textbook for library class. There are no guidelines about what should be taught at each grade level. There are information and technology standards, but the Wisconsin ones are from 1998 and the national ones are very generic. So what does that mean for us.

We have scheduled library classes for grades K-5 which meet approximately once per week for one hour. These students are coming to the library to check out books for sure, but after that 15-20 minutes, what is our goal for library class?

For many years, I fell back on my training as an educator and as a library media specialist and focused on what I thought were important skills that may not be covered in other class. There was nothing wrong with this, except that there was no documentation backing up what I was doing. Thus, three years ago when the all the teaching staff in the district started entering curriculum into on online database, I was given the opportunity to put my training and professional knowledge down on paper.

I started by looking at the state standards (though old) and the national standards. Pulling out the important points in each and thinking about the needs of our students, I came up with five main focuses for the district pertaining to information and technology literacy (library classes). I'm going to jump into focus #3 because it's something I haven't touched on much in previous posts.

Focus #3 - Students at SCC will be able to collaborate, communicate, and share knowledge using appropriate tools.
  • Essential Question: What tools are available to work with and communicate with other students and staff? How do I use them effectively?
  • Essential Question: What tools are available to share my knowledge? How do I use them effectively?

We live in a global economy and civilization. People and places from around the world effect our daily lives, and our workforce interacts with those people and places daily as well. Thus one of the main focuses of info tech literacy is supporting student's growth with using collaboration and communication tools.

I could go on and on, but instead I'll leave you with links to some of the ways students can collaborate, communicate, and share their work with others. Enjoy!

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