Friday, January 10, 2014

Gear Up for the Olympics

The Olympic Games are being held in February, with much fanfare. Eighty-eight countries are currently qualified with over 2500 athletes. This year, like every other Olympic year, I'll being watching the opening ceremony. Any like every other year, I'll be wondering where some of the countries are and what it's like to live there.

I imagine tropic countries where there isn't -50 degree weather and sunshine for days. I imagine huge, densely packed cities in China. I imagine small island nations where just one competitor has come from and think of how proud that person must be to be representing their homeland.

Finding out about those countries often bypassed in the news can be done with CultureGrams. This subscription database is full of country information for every corner of the globe. Written by actual citizens of that country, the articles have an authentic feel to them, providing information on people, geography, government, and much more. Articles are also written at two reading levels: 4th grade and 8th grade. (You can get login information from the library desk in any of the buildings.)

For more Olympic information:

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