Friday, December 6, 2013

Did you hear the story about.....

Our lives are all about the go, go, go. Running from class to practices to work. Getting kids to this, that, and the other thing. Then falling asleep at the end of the day watching random reality TV. Who has time to read the next big thing in the book world?

Luckily most of us spend time doing activities that could support an injection of literature. We ride the bus. We drive to work. We workout every evening. We putter around the house doing chores. None of these activities require communication or interaction with others, so we can use this time to engage our imagination through stories and the written word. Or in this case the spoken word.

Audio books have become a booming part of the publishing word in the past decade. Cassettes and CDs started us off, but now many of us have smart phones or another handheld device that with the right app could allow us to take an audio book anywhere on a device we would have had with us in any case.

Catalist audio books are our preference here at SCC. We offer these audio books at the middle school and high school. And students can access them on pretty much ANY internet connected device - regular computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.

Catalist Audio via a Browser on Any Device - On any device students can use a browser to visit and login to see and listen to our audio books. Login information can be gotten from the library at any time.

Catalist Audio App on an Android or i-Device - On an Android device or an iPhone/iPod/iPad students can get a free app to access and download audio books onto their personal device.   Android App   iOS App   Login information can be gotten from the library at any time.

HELP! - If you need help with the apps or navigating through the Catalist audio books, click HERE. Or stop in the library.

And if you have any suggestions for future audio book purchases, email Ms. Olson - aolson[@]

Have a wonderful day and DFTBA!

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