Friday, November 8, 2013

Elementary Library Tour

It has been a busy week for the Panthers of Library Land. Mrs. Mueller and I have been diligently unpacking boxes and shelving our new library collection. Some quick facts about this week:
  1. Our new collection came in 147 boxes on 4 pallets.
  2. It took Mrs. Mueller and I a solid day and a half to unpack all the boxes.
  3. I have shuffled around the fiction section twice already trying to get the books to fall in the right space. I hope once more and it will be done!
  4. Our current collection includes: 3500 non-fiction titles, 2500 fiction titles, 2900 everybody and EZ books (for our littler readers), 273 graphic novels, and over 300 DVDs and audio books. PLUS we have nearly 600 ebooks!
  5. I had $123,000 to purchase our new collection and it is fabulous!
I know not all of you will be able to see our new space anytime soon, so I wanted to give you a little tour. Watch my amateur attempt to show you around below. DFTBA!

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