Friday, November 22, 2013

Internet Safety

Being safe online is a high priority for anyone that uses technology on a daily basis. Weather you are shopping, communicating, creating, posting, or just watching funny cat videos, we need know how to keep ourselves and our technology safe.

Our students at SCC cover internet safety topics starting in kindergarten and going though high school. Topics range from basic things like creating an appropriate username and using a secure password, to social issues like cyber bullying and social networking, to security issues like viruses and identity theft, to legal issues like illegal downloading and copyright.

As an adult you might be unaware of some of these issues or might want to be "in the know" to help your students down the right path. Below are some links you can use to shore up your knowledge and keep yourself and your children safe online!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Author Visit November 19th

Here in library land we are very excited to announce that we are having an author visit on November 19th to kick off the opening of our new elementary library. Julie Bowe, author of the Friends for Keeps series, will be joining us and presenting to each grade level during their specials time. Ms. Bowe is a Wisconsin native and speaks about her books and the writing process throughout the country.

We would like to thank Jeanne Larson, music teacher for SCC, and the Panther Parent Group for organizing and sponsoring this event. We are deeply grateful for their support of literacy in our schools.

For more information on Ms. Bowe you can visit her website:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Elementary Library Tour

It has been a busy week for the Panthers of Library Land. Mrs. Mueller and I have been diligently unpacking boxes and shelving our new library collection. Some quick facts about this week:
  1. Our new collection came in 147 boxes on 4 pallets.
  2. It took Mrs. Mueller and I a solid day and a half to unpack all the boxes.
  3. I have shuffled around the fiction section twice already trying to get the books to fall in the right space. I hope once more and it will be done!
  4. Our current collection includes: 3500 non-fiction titles, 2500 fiction titles, 2900 everybody and EZ books (for our littler readers), 273 graphic novels, and over 300 DVDs and audio books. PLUS we have nearly 600 ebooks!
  5. I had $123,000 to purchase our new collection and it is fabulous!
I know not all of you will be able to see our new space anytime soon, so I wanted to give you a little tour. Watch my amateur attempt to show you around below. DFTBA!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Can YouTube be Educational?

YouTube has been around eight years, and in that time has grown from a small video sharing site with only 65,000 videos uploaded daily (1) to a HUGE social media site with 100 hours of video uploaded every minute (2) ! In that time it has seen memes come and go, watched stars rise and fall, and seen content shift.

But can YouTube be educational? The answer, unequivocally, is yes. Yes, YouTube can be 100% educational. Mixed in with the funny cat videos and baby's doing cute things are videos about how to set up your new digital camera, demonstrating skills and hobbies, and explaining complex academic topics. But how do you sort through the random, time-wasters with the real educational content? Well, there are a few ways you can do that.
  1. Check out YouTube's Education portal. From here you can drill down into different topics such as science, math, and history. You can also go into specific age ranges (primary & secondary, university, and lifelong learning). This is a great place to start finding content.
  2. Do a web search for "great educational youtube channels". You'll get hundreds of people that have done the work for you and found a list of great channels to start you off with.
  3. Look at who some of your favorite educational channels are subscribed to or who they like. Below you can see what channels the SCC channel likes. (SCC currently doesn't have any subscriptions to other channels.)
Now, you may be wondering, if YouTube can be such a great source for educational content, why do some schools block it? Well, that has to do with some federal laws that were enacted in 2000. You can read more HERE, but basically the the law states that public schools need to have some form of internet filtering in order to block content that may be harmful to minors. When YouTube first started, there was MUCH less educational content and very few videos that were aimed at children or young adults. I order to protect our students, many districts blocked YouTube. However, as the educational content on YouTube has increased, the question has been raised if districts should allow it to be unblocked.

No matter where or how you access YouTube, there are many educational videos that you can access. Having critical thinking skills is imperative when you are doing any kind of internet browsing though, so you are able to discern what is worthwhile and what is a waste of time. Read the title and summary of a video before you click. Figure out how is the posting channel and look at the video thumbnail. If all those things look good, then try the video out. Don't just jump in and click on the first video for your search (Hint: most of the time it is an ad.)

So after all that, the answer to the question is yes, YouTube can be educational.

Have a wonderful day and DFTBA!

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