Monday, October 28, 2013


SCC became a GAFE school last year. Here's an FAQ to help you out!

What is GAFE?
Google Apps for Education. We have our own domain and email addresses we can distribute to students and staff.

What do the staff have access to?
Teachers have access to Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Picassa, YouTube, and many of the other Google apps. The staff is currently NOT using Google for email.

What do the students have access to?
Students have access to Drive, Calendar, Contacts, plus many of the other Google Apps. In grades 5-6 students have access to internal email (can only send to and receive from students and staff at SCC). In grades 7-12 students have access to global email (send to and receive from outside email services).

Can students and staff access their SCC Google accounts from home?
Yes. An SCC Google account is very similar to a regular, personal Google account and can be accessed on any computer or device that has an internet connection.

What makes an SCC Google account different from a regular, personal Google account?
What makes GAFE special is that we can use our own domain ( instead of Google's ( This allows parents, students, and educational companies and institutions to recognize this an account or email instantly as coming from a verified educational institution. We here at SCC can also monitor student's email accounts for inappropriate content and address any issues immediately.

Where can I find out how to use my SCC Google account?
You can find specific SCC help HERE. I (Ms. Olson) maintain this page, and you can direct further questions to me.

Other resources for GAFE?
Google Apps Learning Center
Wisconsin's Google Apps Resource Site

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