Thursday, October 10, 2013

Badger, Badger, Badger, Badgerlink!

*** Before we start, did you get the internet reference (meme) in the title? If not click here, and here. It was just one of those things that popped into my head just now and made me smile!

On with the show!

Do you ever know something and think everyone already knows this something, so you never mention it? That's how I feel about Badgerlink. It's been around for 15 years and has continued to expand during that time. I used it in high school, college, and now encourage my students to use it. But even my husband, who hears me talk about this stuff pretty often, was astounded when I told him he could just go on Badgerlink to look up Consumer Reports information. "What! That's awesome!" was his response.

So I'm going to pretend that you have never heard of Badgerlink for this post. Basically, (not .com) is a website full of awesome resources on every topic that the state of Wisconsin, specifically part of the DPI, purchases for its citizens to use. As long as you have a Wisconsin internet service provider or have a public library card, you can access this content.

Here's the main page at
As you can see, there are large buttons for the most frequent users, but there are also sections for specific topics that the public might be interested in. Badgerlink actually redesigned their website over the summer and I find it much more user friendly.

Here are some of the things you have access to in Badgerlink:
  • 8000+ full text magazines and journals
  • Test prep materials and practice tests for the ACT, SAT, AP, ASVAB, and GED
  • 3000+ royalty free songs and sound effects
  • THOUSANDS of documents and resources for genealogy buffs and history nerds
  • Auto repair information
  • And several amazing health related resources
If you ever have any research needs or want to answer a question with verified facts, Badgerlink is the place to look. And unlike Google, Badgerlink offers you resources that are usually locked away in subscription databases, so you have many more quality resources to choose from.

If you have any questions about Badgerlink, please check out their website,, or contact your local school or public library.

Enjoy and DFTBA!

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