Friday, October 4, 2013

5th Grade Library Class

Library class has been a part of the fifth grade specials rotation for as long as anyone can remember. It's a time for students to be introduced to the middle school library and be immersed in library stuff. I use the term "stuff" a lot, but I think there are so many avenues of study in library class that it's hard to come up with one cohesive term to describe them all. Here are a few things we've talked about or will talk about in this year's 5th grade library class.

  1. General Library Info -- This includes how the library is set up; which sections are where and how they are organized. It also includes rules, policies, and procedures. My big rules have to do with being respectful, being responsible, and having some common sense.
  2. Login Info -- Our library catalog, Destiny, is the first login information we learned this year. Students can do a multitude of things in Destiny with their login including writing reviews, recommending books to other students, and placing holds. Next we learned about their Skyward login, in order to check their grades. Finally we will learn to login to their school assigned Google account. Three new logins in a year is a lot, but we practice using them often.
  3. Google Accounts -- The next thing we will focus on is learning to use their school provided Google accounts and its various applications (Drive and Mail).
  4. Internet Safety -- Simultaneously with learning about their Google accounts, students are learning some basic internet safety rules-of-thumb. We spend time talking about social networks, cyber bullying, computer security, username/password security, etc.
  5. Research -- Learning how to organize a research project, take notes, correctly cite resources, and create a project is what we spend much of third and fourth quarter on. Using the Big6, students work through the research process for a variety of topics. 
  6. Book Trailer -- Last but not least, students create a video book trailer during fourth quarter. We use the Big6 to organize our project in order to create a video book trailer on a book they have read this year. Students have the option of having their finished video posted on the school's YouTube channel (no names or student pictures are attached to videos, so it is fairly anonymous). 
  7. Literature -- Throughout the year as we have a few minutes at the beginning or the end of class, or as the new book awards come out, we will spend time talking about literature that they students may enjoy. 
So that's the fifth grade library class in a nutshell. You can see what we are currently up to by visiting the 5th Grade Library page.


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