Friday, September 27, 2013

Everyone Needs a Goal

Everyone needs a goal in life. I feel like I've heard that in a movie somewhere, but it holds true. You need a goal to give you a drive for the future, to make things better, or to get things done. As part of the new educator effectiveness assessment (a teacher's yearly evaluation) all the teaching staff at SCC had to come up with a goal for the year which was tied to improving literacy.

The goal for every library this year is to increase circulation of non-fiction and informational resources. This ties into the new common core standards which have an emphasis on reading and evaluating an increased amount of information texts. Reading non-fiction books and other informational resources helps students become more well rounded individuals with a broader understanding of the world around them.

There are lots of ways that we in Library Land are hoping to achieve our goal. You can read the full goal outline by clicking here.


Friday, September 20, 2013

(Soon to be) Bright and Shiny ES Library

I had an exciting morning. After our elementary school staff meeting this morning I had the opportunity to visit the construction of our new library. The first words that popped into my head were "bright and shiny". That's what our new library will be. With the addition of two windows we will have much more natural light. I was afraid that they would be in the way of shelving and other furniture but the powers-that-be put them high enough were that shouldn't be a problem. We will have sunshine!

They have 99% of the drywall up which gives the space a feel of coming together finally, after months of having it be a big empty concrete room. Painting is starting today, and they told me they would like to have carpet in by mid-October. We are shooting for a completion date of November 1.

After the library is completed we will be able to start putting our brand new collection on the shelves. I explained the process I was using for ordering in a previous post. That was completed and sent away to Follett in mid-August. However, there was one part of the order that we received immediately and that was the new ebooks! (Also explained in a previous post).

I want to thank everyone in the community for the good thoughts and support they have offered. I know I've said it before but it's truly amazing. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.


Friday, September 6, 2013

One Awesome Thing

The first week of school is always a jumble of things that needed to be done yesterday, problems that nobody was expecting, and students being unable to do something/get to somewhere/understand what is going on. This week was no expection in library land. But even with all the password resets, printing problems, "I can't find this book", the book fair extravaganza, and the elementary being without a library, I still found one awesome thing. Follett's ebooks.

Now I know what you're thinking, "She's talked about these before and they haven't worked that well and there haven't been many out there". That may still be the short-term case at the middle and high school as far as selection goes (which I'm hoping to change within the month), but for the elementary the selection has greatly increased. Also the usability of the ebooks has gone up as well.

The elementary now boasts over 550 ebooks through our Follett Shelf. Several publishers have recently worked out deals with Follett for ebooks and I just had to make sure we had these for our students. The middle school and high school are still hovering just over 100 ebooks, but that will change soon.

Usability across multiple devices was always my concern with ebooks before Follett Shelf. Kindle books only work on Kindles or with the Kindle app. Nooks are the same. The public library service Overdrive is just not cost effective for SCC. But Follett Shelf has finally worked out it's issues and (at least from my testing) is usable via the browser on any computer, Kindle, Apple device, or Android Device. Yippie! As long as you have a stable internet connection the text-flow reader works great.

Follett Shelf Help
If you're nerdy and want the tech specs for Follett Shelf they can be found here.
Follett Shelf Help - here is just a "what icons do" page. Here are some video tutorials.

Login Info
Elementary students and staff have access to a guest login. Students and staff in 5-12 can use the guest login or their individual Destiny login to access the Follett shelf. If you have questions about loging in, please stop by the library or email me directly.

One week down, many more to come! DFTBA