Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Sale, Aug 9 & 10

Let me start by saying I'm so grateful to everyone in our community for donating books after our disaster this spring. We received THOUSANDS of books that were amazing. Teachers pulled boxes upon boxes of books to help replace their lost classroom libraries. I pulled a plethora of books for the library. And the book room (for guided reading book sets) has over 150 new sets. Thank you so, so much! We couldn't have done this without you.

It was so amazing, that we still have thousands of books waiting for some lucky person to read them. There were hundreds of duplicates, more-than-gently-used books, and non-elementary books donated. We would like to get these back in the hand of the kids in our community. There are books for ages 0 through college. We've got everything!

The book sale will be:
August 9 and 10, 8am-4pm
High School Library

All books will be 25 cents each.

If you have any questions, please let me know! DFTBA

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