Sunday, May 5, 2013

Library Visits at Panther Camp

Wow! Lots of work being done at Panther Camp. It is amazing what has been accomplished is such a short amount of time. Thanks to everyone for donating supplies, books, equipment, and time.

This post is all about how the library is going to run at Panther Camp. Connie Mueller and I have come up with a system, at least to start with.

  • Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade -- Mrs. Mueller will be visiting them in their area daily. She will stop in the morning to pick up returns from students. In the afternoon she will be back with a cart of selections for the students to choose from for checkout. We may have to rotate by classes, but we aren't quite sure about that yet.
  • 3rd and 4th Grade -- Students will bring returns with them when they come to pick up their lunch and drop them off on a cart at the entrance to the library. The cart will be clearly marked. We will attempt, and with weather permitting, to bring selections to the students in their areas during the afternoon for checkout.
  • Other Rules / Explanations:
    • No students are allowed in the library cubby/room. There is just not enough room.
    • Students may make requests for a specific book by writing it down for Mrs. Mueller. She or I will check our library and see if we have it. If we do, it will be delivered to the student the following day.
    • Our finally due date for the year, for all library books will be May 29. We would like to start shipping them back the HS or MS for summer storage before camp lets out.
    • There will be jugs available when Mrs. Mueller visits for students to put book suggestions for our new library in . Any and all suggestions for titles, authors, or topics are welcome.
If you have any questions about anything, please leave a comment below or email Ms. Olson at aolosn[@] (without the brackets).


  1. I bought three books off your list that was for the July summer order do you want me to have my child bring them to Mrs. Muller or drop them off at the high school?

  2. Can you have your child bring them to Ms. Mueller. That way they won't get mixed in with the other donations and get misplaced. Thank you so much! That's really great!