Friday, May 3, 2013

Library Shelving at Panther Camp

Losing your library is a devastating experience. Connie and I can attest to that. But losing your library and still being expected to have a library in 6 that is nerve racking.

However, we have had some superstars to support us. There have been so many awesome individuals, organizations, and companies that have been willing to donate books, it is amazing. Our collection is growing rapidly with picture books and chapter books. We have had tons of library staff from the area offer help. And we have had companies from all over offering services. Thank you so much for all of your support in whatever way you are giving it.

The super exciting news that we got today was that we were going to be able to have shelves, ACTUAL SHELVES at our temporary library in Panther Camp. I was astounded. To have real shelves instead of relying on book carts (which was my plan, to steal the book carts from the other buildings) was something I am eternally grateful for. It will make the storage of all our awesome donations easier. It will make our job easier. And probably most important, it will show the kids that even though you get knocked out of your routine and sometimes even your home, you can make a new one wherever you are with the support of the people around you.

Thank you to everyone who helped get our shelving up and in place in our library cubby. To see just a few pictures of them getting started , check out the slideshow below. (I'll post post-installation pictures later tomorrow)

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