Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Fair Wrap-up

So the book fair is over. The carts have been returned. The money has been counted. And the slime-ing has happened. Slime-ing? You might be asking yourself what that is and why it happened.

We had tons of awesome students, parents, and staff members that supported our middle school fair, and helped us surpass our goal by $300. We were able to get a mountain of books for the classroom teachers and the library. And we gave away over 20 books to the students throughout the week.

Because we reached our goal, a stunt must be done. That stunt was me being covered with green slime (like on Nickelodeon). The recipe I used can be found here and was super easy to make. The students who were the slime-ers were those that had purchased books at our fair. One book equaled one chance to enter to be a slime-er.

You can see video and pictures of Slime Time below. Enjoy!

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