Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Fair Begins!

Our middle school book fair has begun! Classes have been visiting all morning, checking out the latest and greatest books and learning about the contests/activities we are running this week. Here's my rundown:

The fair will be open all this week during school. We will also be open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the concerts.

Our theme is Story Laboratory  so we've got some science-y stuff going on.

Our goal is $2016, and our goal chart is an empty periodic table. For every $18 we will add an element, and hopefully by Friday afternoon it will be full.

If we reach our goal I will be slimed! (like on Nickelodeon) Students who buy a book can enter to be the slime-ers and toss a bucket of slime.

We are running an All-for-Books campaign, were students can drop in change or dollars in support of the elementary library recovery. We are making it a little bit more fun by voting for 2 different things every day.

We are also doing locker lottery. Students who find a winning slip on their locker can stop by the fair to receive a prize.

Guess the number of radioactive bookworms in the jar is our estimation contest. The closest guess will win the jar.

And finally we will have a brain teaser up every day. A drawing will be held for those who get the right answer and the winner will receive a prize.

Students are reminded to be respectful, responsible, and act appropriately when browsing the fair. This is a special treat for them and we need to be aware of that.

Wow! Lots going on for the fair. OH! One more thing. People who won't be around or who miss the fair completely, you can shop online (with Scholastic's full web store) by going HERE. These sales will also count towards our goal.

Thank you for all your support!

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