Friday, January 11, 2019

Reading Challenges for 2019

It's a new year, but really that doesn't matter when you're thinking about reading challenges. Every one of us could us a push at some point during the year to start reading, keep reading, or find a new enjoyment in reading. Reading challenges are a great way to commit to reading more or reading differently, plus as a bonus you can complete a reading challenge on your own, with a friend, or with people across the globe!

To get you motivated to read more and/or read differently this year or any year, here are a few reading challenges you should check out.

Popsugar's 2019 Reading Challenge
40 + 10 book prompts if you want to spice up what you are reading!

50 DIY Reading Challenges
This is a great list if you want to customize your reading challenge. It could be something you take the year to do but maybe it's a goal just for this month.

Reading Challenges for Kids
Brightly puts out a new set of challenges every month specifically for kids. A great way to get the whole family involved in reading!

52 books in 52 weeks
You'll have to do a little catch up to get this one done if you start today, but just committing to reading more books this year will help you increase your reading stamina, your view of the world, and help you figure out what you like to read.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Can you carry around 4,000 books in your pocket?

Yes, you can!

With Destiny Discover staff and students of SCC have access to over 4,000 ebooks and digital audiobooks on any internet connected device such as a phone, tablet, Chromebook, laptop, game console, or smart TV.

We’ve got picture books, fiction books of every genre, non-fiction books, and even some graphic novels. Read an ebook with your eyes or listen to a digital audiobook with your ears. But just be reading and encourage our students to keep reading too!

Why read 20 minutes at home?
10 Benefits of Reading

And if you’re wondering where those over 4,000 books are located …

Middle School
High School
Digital Audiobooks
Staff and students can always login to the building’s Destiny Discover by using your individual login. But if you would like to check out another building’s collection please use the guest account, which you can get by stopping by the library or emailing me.

You can get to Destiny Discover by:
  1. Using the link on the library webpage for your building
  2. Using the Destiny Discover extension on your Chromebook
  3. Visiting and searching for “st. croix central”
If you have any questions at all please stop by the library or email Ms. Olson. Happy reading!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Short Story Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the annual NaNoWriMo Short Story Contest! Every November, the library runs a short story contest as a small part of National Novel Writing Month. This year we got some very creative entries. After much deliberation the winners are Griffin, Jeremiah, and Emily who all submitted well-crafted, engaging stories. We are very proud of all the students that entered. You can read all the stories by visiting:

Friday, December 14, 2018

Flix with an I

Flax - a plant cultivated in cooler climates for food and fiber
Flex - to bend a part of the body
Flox - a misspelling of Phlox, a character from Star Trek Enterprise
Flux - to melt or make fluid

Not with an A, E, O, or U. But FLIX with and I!

Flix - The root word of four different fantabulous databases available to SCCers. They include:

BookFlix - The original Flix we know and love. Full of pairings of fiction and non-fiction texts for students to read, enjoy, and learn from.

TrueFlix - Social studies and sciences books that have been expanded upon to include videos, activities, and project ideas.

FreedomFlix - Explore the people, places, and events that shaped the world and the United States. Books include videos, discussion questions, and appropriate websites.

ScienceFlix – With 50 units of study and over 80,000 science related assets, this is a great place to find information for any STEM related topic.

These four stupendous resources are available to staff and students using the links on the library page, and logins can be picked up in the library or by emailing me.

So don't have Flox flex or flux his flax, just check out a FLIX and learn something new!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Reading Makes Us ALL Winners! (But seriously, who won?)

OMG! I’m so proud of the students and staff at SCC Middle School! Everyone really took on the One School One Book program with a vengeance 1st trimester. Not only did most of the school read Odd, Weird, and Little, but there were also 185 reviews added for the book in Destiny Discover!

So without further ado, it’s time to announce the random winners for 1st trimester chosen from those who wrote a review: Congratulations to Mitchell Toske, Elizabeth Meyers, Curtice Niemeyer, and Eva Spitzmueller! They will each receive a Visa gift card for $50 in the next few weeks. You are awesome! But really we all got read an amazing book, so we are all winners!

For 2nd trimester, we are mixing it up and doing One School One Author! There are 9 titles for the author Laurel Snyder available in Destiny Discover and the library. Students are encouraged to read her books and write a review in Destiny Discover. Why Laurel Snyder you might ask? Well, she is going to visiting SCC in April and I thought it would be good if everyone in the school had read at least one of her books. That way you will know what she is talking about when she visits!

If you have any questions, please just let me know!
~ Ms. Olson ~

Laurel Snyder’s Books for 2nd Trimester 
  • Swan : The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova --- Tells how Anna Pavlova began her journey of becoming a famous prima ballerina. 
  • Charlie & Mouse --- Charlie and Mouse, two young brothers, enjoy a day out together, attending an imaginary party and collecting rocks. 
  • Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy --- Brothers Charlie and Mouse enjoy a special visit from Grumpy. 
  • Bigger Than a Bread Box --- Devastated when her parents separate, twelve-year-old Rebecca must move with her mother from Baltimore to Gran's house in Atlanta, where Rebecca discovers an old breadbox with the power to grant any wish--so long as the wished-for thing fits in the breadbox. 
  • Seven Stories Up --- In 1987, while her mother sits in a Baltimore hotel at the deathbed of a grandmother twelve-year old Annie never knew, Annie travels back fifty years and shares adventures with the lonely girl who will grow up to be her feisty grandmother. 
  • Orphan Island --- A group of orphans wait each year for a boat to arrive on the island, replacing the eldest with the youngest, never to be seen again, as each remaining child child learns what it means to say goodbye to childhood forever. 
  • Any Which Wall --- In the middle of an Iowa cornfield, four children find a magic wa ll that enables them to travel through time and space. 
  • Penny Dreadful --- When her father suddenly quits his job, the almost-ten-year-old , friendless Penny and her neglectful parents leave their privileged life in the city for a ramshackle property in the eccentric town of Thrush Junction, Tennessee. 
  • Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains, or, The Search for a Suitable Princess --- Lucy, a milkmaid, and her best friend Wynston, a reluctant prince, go in search of information about Lucy's missing mother--even though Wynston is supposed to be searching for a proper princess to marry.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Short Story Contest at SCC HS

November is National Novel Writing Month and SCC High Library is going to be running a short story contest to celebrate a month of writing. Most of us would be daunted by having to write 50,000 words in a month, but a short story can be as little as 1,000! So we are going to start out small, and if you get inspired let your writing muscles flex and keep writing until you have a novella or full-length novel!

More Info

Submit your story

Stories are due by Dec 1. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Olson or stop by the library.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Badgerlink is Brilliant

Is it important to you to find the facts about a topic, and not whatever so-and-so says on a website?

Do you want to have be finding credible, factual, authentic sources?

Is it important to you to be efficient with your time and your students to be efficient with theirs?

Do you want to be prepared for anything that the future brings?

Then you need to visit Badgerlink!

BadgerLink is Wisconsin’s online library which provides access to licensed content such as magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, videos, images, and music. Basically it lets you get to things that normally do not show up in a Google search.

Some of the things you can get to include:
  • Encyclopedia Britannica, which is the oldest English encyclopedia in existence
  • Magazines and journal articles about health, history, science, business, and literature
  • Wisconsin’s newspaper archive
  • National and international newspaper archives
  • Auto repair information
  • Ancestry and genealogy data
  • Learning Express, which includes test prep for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB, and GED as well as skills building resources for ES, MS, and HS in ELA, math, social studies, science, technology, and logic/reasoning.
Any resident of Wisconsin, using a Wisconsin internet service provider, is able to access thousands of Badgerlink resources for free. Just make sure you are going through the Badgerlink website or using the links on the SCC Library’s “Find” page.

If you have questions, stop by the library or email me. Have a great day!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Battle of the Books!

Battle of the Books is a fun way to read great books and compete with classmates in an academic arena. It's all about reading some really great books! And beyond that it can be about battling other schools across the state to see who knows the books the best.

SCC is currently running battle of the books for grades 5-8, using the list and participating in the program from the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (WEMTA). This group is made up of library media specialists from across Wisconsin, and they support reading in the state by facilitating BoB as well as the Golden Archer Award.

If you’d like to learn more and see the books on this year’s list, visit the SCC Battle of the Books website.

If you have any questions, stop by the library or email Ms. Olson. Have a great day!

Monday, October 8, 2018

NoveList is Neat!

Have you ever finished a great book and wanted to find more just like it? Or struggled to find something that interested you? Do you just like exploring what books are out there? Do you want your students to be exploring and finding great books that they love?

Then you need to visit NoveList!

Through Badgerlink, SCC staff and students have access to two versions of this amazing database that offers read-a-like recommendations, reading lists, and reviews. NoveList K-8 is targeted towards younger students, while NoveList is the full database covering everything from picture books through adult novels. Badgerlink offers the fiction versions, but through the public library system in western Wisconsin you can access NoveList Plus which includes non-fiction books. 

It’s fun to click around and see what books you’ve read and what suggestions NoveList makes for you. It’s also fun to pick a genre and see all the new books you may never have heard of.

Use the links in this message or the links on the library page as these will verify that you are a WI resident and automatically log you in to the Badgerlink resources. If you Google for “NoveList” it will ask you for a username/password which we don’t have!

Need help? – Watch one of these video tutorials.

If you have questions about NoveList, stop by the library or email Ms. Olson!

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Epic Tale of Destiny

Once upon a time, the SCC library housed a magical piece of furniture called a “card catalog”. Filled with hundreds and hundreds of index size cards, anyone could open a drawer, peak inside, and be led to an epic adventure, a heartfelt story, the Mongols, and the president of the United States among many other things. These cards were connections to every book the library owned.
As time passed, this “card catalog” underwent a metamorphosis, losing its paper version and converting itself into a digital “OPAC” system. No one knew what “OPAC” stood for though many tried to determine its origin. “OPAC” allowed library citizens to find the books using a new-fangled invention called a computer. Sadly this could only be done in the confines of the library.
Fortunately change was coming. Just eight short years ago, “OPAC” once again went through a transformation into its current iteration – Destiny.
Destiny allows all library citizens to access library materials, both physical and those that live in the digital world, from any internet connected device. This is an epic and mighty tool to spread knowledge and learning throughout our land.
But even now, Destiny grows and changes. As of the telling of this story there are two variations of Destiny. Both variations allow citizens to search all library resources, though each has its own unique flavor in how it accomplishes such a task.
  • Destiny Classic – The regular library search that our library leader, Ms. Olson, most often uses and expounds the virtues of. This doesn’t look fancy, but has many tools to narrow searching when on a book quest.
  • Destiny Discover – This is an ever changing student and staff interface to search our library.  All of our digital resources such as ebooks and digital audiobooks can be accessed here. Though all resources can be searched for if required. On handheld internet devices (fancy things such as phones and tablets) Destiny Discover allows digital content to be downloaded and read off-line, a mighty tool when in the wilderness or a big yellow bus on the road.
Thus our tale comes to an end, at least for now. We leave library land to the citizens of SCC as they use all the variations of Destiny to access thousands upon thousands of wonderful stories and a plethora of knowledge to lead them through life.
If you seek further assistance in accessing the magical Destiny, please stop by the library or contact our library leader, Ms. Olson at her digital address aolson[@]
We wish you a good day and remind you to DFTBA.